Multifunction cards (Basic Series)

Portable USB measurement system, USB 2.0 HighSpeed (480 Mbit/s), USB 1.1 compatible (12Mbit/s). 16 channel version with 16 single ended/8 differential inputs. All versions offer analog inputs and outputs with a resolution of 16 bits. Averaged sample rate 250kHz, input voltage range ±10 V, programmable amplification 1/2/4/8, 4 channel D/A converter, sample rate 10 kHz, 16 bits, output voltage range ±10 V. 16 (*48) digital inputs/outputs, in four (*16) bit groups, can be set as input or output, synchronous sampling of analog input values, external trigger and clock. 2×24 bit 10 MHz event counter, synchronous sampling of counters containing analog values, over voltage protection of analog inputs: ±40 V, powered on/powerless, voltage supply 220V AC / 5V DC is included. G0C 1034 (8,9does not need a voltage supply because it is supplied via the USB bus.

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