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USB Basic/Count8 optoG0C-1023-1 
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Portable USB counter system; USB 2.0 HighSpeed (480 MBit/s); USB 1.1 compatible (12 MBti/s) available in different versions. 6x32 Bit incremental counter inputs; 1x/2x/4x interpolation (depends on version); max. input frequency: 20 MHz; Neutral position detection; timestamp (resolution: 100 ns); counter sampling rate: 100kHz. The timestamp provides a high-precision time measurement; or 8x32 Bit 10/50 MHz event, frequency, pulsewidth, cycle duration counter with a resolution of 100 ns bzw. 20 ns. Power supply: 220V AC / 5 V DC.


Product details

USB counter card (Basic Serie); optocoupled input and output channels; 8x32Bit counter inputs; aluminium cast case; Weidmueller schrew terminals

Resolution- Bit
Sample rate (sum)100 kHz 
Voltage range
Simultanous sampling
Resolution- Bit
Output rate (sum)
Voltage range
Resolution32 Bit
Basic frequency10/60 MHz 
Counter versionsEvent, frequency, pulse width, cycle duration counter 
Digital IO
Dig.-In channels
Dig.-Out channels
Dig.-IO channels
Optocoupledyes (Ue. 2,4 -30 Volt) 
CaseAluminium cast case 
Dimensions180 x 118 x 64 mm 
ConnectorsWeidmueller screw terminals 
RoHS compliantyes
Power supplyPowersupply via USB-bus. Optional an external powersupply unit 220V AC/5V DC is available for free.
Price1499,00 €
Connector chassis Price €
(B0A-1011-0) (B0A-1011-0) Adapter USB-OEM 32 AD for 5B-Module 82,00 

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