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Products we offer ...

Goldammer Electronics is specialized in developing and manufacturing of high performance measurement cards, which are capable of performing nearly all measurement and data acquisition tasks. The cards are able to of record analog signals at very high speeds, also most of our cards have inputs for digital (TTL signal) and counter signals. Cards with analog outputs, pulse width (PWM) and frequency outputs to control fast and complex tasks are also on our product list.

By using signal processors and our own special memory chips we give our measurement cards intelligence. This kind of intelligence is immediately noticed when using the cards for high speed recording or time critical tasks. Unavoidable latency of the operating system (e.g. Windows 32 bit) is eliminated by decoupling the actual measuring task from the data flow. The latest generation of Goldammer measurement cards with PCI bus interface is now available. Problems with the data flow bottlenecks of the ISA cards and conflicts with resources belong to the past.

Depending on the measurement system online monitoring of the measured values is possible for sampling frequencies up to 1000 kHz. Monitoring the values is done parallel to recording.

The use of signal processors has not only led to high performance and high speed measurements: The cards are also able to mathematically process date during the measurement and to pass the crunched data instead of the original ones. Digital filters on the cards filter undesirable frequency ranges and signal distortions and they perform fast Fourier transformations (FFT) which allow viewing of frequency parts during measurement. A well developed threshold and limit observation unit makes the functionality spectrum perfect.

Counter cards and processing systems are not available in a wide variety. This was the reason for developing own counter designs based on programmable components (Altera FPGA). Our product range consists of common pulse counting and frequency measurement systems to more specialized counters for measuring period length and pulse width and it ranges to up to fully integrated measurement solutions including value processing which can be connected directly to incremental encoders to analyze the measured pulses. The sensors are supplied over our cards so no external supplies are needed.

In our standard product range does not perfectly fit your needs you should talk to us. A major part of our activities are adaptions to customer specific needs.

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