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MAI Extension DAQ (32 and 64 Bit)

With this expansion of Measurement Application interface. NET, the development of applications for data acquisition can be realized in a variety of file formats and databases with virtually no time commitment.
  • Text, as fully customizable CSV
  • TEAC TAFFMAT (audio format)
  • National Instruments TDM and TDMS
  • WAV (standard windows audio format)
  • any Database which is accessible by DotNET
  • any OPC Server. Available connetion types are: OPC DA, OPC UA and Xi (DotNet 3 bzw. 4 WCF)


Inside the local file system each card writes its own output file, except theTDM (S) format, which, like the databases, can process data from multiple sources simultaneously.


Each card can send your data to any suitable database, whether locally or via network connection. Centralized data management for all instruments is so easy to implement.

OPC Server

OPC Server as data targets are as flexible as the configurable database types. Three OPC connection types are availabe.

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