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Measurement Application Interface .NET (32 and 64 Bit)
The .NET version of Measurement Application Interface (MAI) provides a sophisticated object-oriented programming interface, uniform for all Goldammer devices.

It can be used in all programming environments that support .NET, not only the Microsoft Visual Studio languages C# and Visual Basic, but also in MATLAB, Mathematica, Labview or Agilent VEE, always the same syntax used. A change in the programming environment means therefore no new learning curve for you and only minimal adaptation effort of your programs.

The Measurement Application interface .NET is optimized for performance and provides an access speed which is equivalent to native programs, but offers the same programming convenience we like in .NET: Easy and powerful debugging and the code completion and intellisense features of the Visual Studio.

The extension DLL MAI.Controls.Configuration contains NET2.0 user controls wich allow a complete UI controlled measurement configuration of all the cards, that can also be saved and reloaded.

Download the DotNET SDK Archive including all extensions or expamles


Example Collection

Example Collections in VisualBasic, C#, MATLAB, Labview, Mathematica, Agilent VEE.

MAI.Configuration.Controls DLL

Examples for MAI.Configuration.Controls DLL. Both C# and VB versions included.

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