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USB Basic/PCMG0V-1034-0 
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Portable high-precision measuring system USB, USB 2.0 High Speed (480Mbit / s). The field of application are sound and vibration applications. Precision measurements of microphones, accelerometers and other sensors with a wide dynamic range are easily possible. Other areas: audio testing, acoustic and vibration analysis in the automotive industry and machine monitoring. The system provides simultaneous recording of two channels and analog output of two channels with sample / output rates of 48, 96 and 192 kHz.


Product details

The device provides four simultaneous inputs with a resolution of 24 bits = 127dB, as sampling rates of 8/16/32/48/96 and 192 kHz per channel are supported. As the analog digital converter PCM4220 from Texas Intruments was chosen. It has an anti-aliasing filter, and digital high-pass filter for removing the DC offset. The input voltage ranges are ± 1V, ± 10V. Each input is usable differential and single ended, + 20dB programmable gain, phantom power and a digital high-pass filter. Setting the filter group delay between 39/fs and 21/fs respectively for two channels. Channel 2-3 can be switched between analog capture and output. Output frequencies: 48, 96 and 192 kHz in 24-bit resolution, the Output voltage range is ± 5 V. Two tachometer inputs with a resolution of 32 bits and a cutoff frequency of 10MHz, the tachometer inputs are recorded synchronously with the analog values. The inputs have an input overvoltage protection of ± 40 V on or off state. External power supply 220V AC / DC 5V included, as well a single card license for the MAIExtensionsDAQ including easily expandable example programs for data data acquisition for example in the TAFFmat file format.

Resolution24 Bit
Sample rate (per channel)8/16/24/32/48/92/192 kHz  
Voltage range±1V; ±10V ; 
Resolution24 Bit
Output rate (sum)8/16/24/32/48/92/192 kHz 
Voltage range±10 V; 
Resolution32 Bit
Basic frequency10 MHz 
Counter versionsperiod duration 
Digital IO
Dig.-In channels
Dig.-Out channels
Dig.-IO channels
Casealuminium cast case  
Dimensions180 x 118 x 64 mm 
ConnectorsBNC female, Counter: Lemo Type EPG.0B.303.HLN 
RoHS compliantyes
Power supplyexternal powersupply unit 220V AC/5V DC included
Price2.198,00 €

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