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USB Basic/3M OEMG0M-1034-2 
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Portable USB measurement system, USB 2.0 HighSpeed (480 Mbit/s), USB 1.1 compatible (12Mbit/s). 2 channel version with mass referred input channels; input and output channel resolution: 16 Bit; sampling rate (sum) 2.5/3 MHz per channel; input channel voltage ±10 V. 4 channel D/A converter; conversion rate 10 kHz 16 Bit; output voltage ±10 V 16(x48) digital I/O channels divided in 4(x16) Bit groups configurable either as input or output channel. The digital input channels of the optocoupled version are designed for voltages from 2.4 to 30 V; the analogue output channels are designed for 30 V 50 mA; synchronous measurement of the input channels with analogue values, trigger and clock. 2 event counter, synchronous recording of the counter with analogue values. Online/offline over voltage protection of the analogue input channels: ±40. An external power supply unit 220V AC / 5V DC is included.


Product details

USB multifunction card (Basic series); 2x16 Bit analogue input channels with ±10 V; sample rate: 3 MHz (simultaneous) per channel; 4x16 Bit analogue output channels with ±10 V; conversion rate: 10 kHz (sum); 16 digital I/O channels; 2x32 Bit counter inputs; OEM; 50 pin connector for ribbon cable.

Resolution16 Bit
Sample rate (per channel)sample rate: 3 MHz (6 MHz sum) 
Voltage range±10 V; 
Resolution16 Bit
Output rate (sum)10 kHz 
Voltage range±10 V; 
Resolution32 Bit
Basic frequency10 MHz 
Counter versionsimpulse, frequency (resolution: 10Hz), pulse-width, periodic 
Digital IO
Dig.-In channels16 
Dig.-Out channels16 
Dig.-IO channels16 
Dimensions160 x 100 x 13 mm 
Connectors50 pin connectors for ribbon cable 
RoHS compliantyes
Power supplyPowersupply via USB-bus. Optional an external powersupply unit 220V AC/5V DC is available for free.
Price1799,00 €

Optional hard and software extensions
Available hard and software extensions.
The extensions can either be ordered included in delivery or at any time later.
Hardware options and extensions Price €
(G0C-30C0-1) Clip for wall mounting 25,00 
(B0C-1011-0) 16 channel adapter to Dataforth SCMPB01 for 5B modules 82,00 
(G0A-30E0-4) Automotive extension. Power supply: 9-60V DC / 10W (for G0A-30D0-x) 299,00 
Connector chassis Price €
(B0A-1011-0) (B0A-1011-0) Adapter USB-OEM 32 AD for 5B-Module 82,00 

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