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USB Basic/IDAS opto OEMG0I-1034-6 
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Portable galvanically isolated USB measurement system, USB 2.0 HighSpeed (480 Mbit/s), USB 1.1 compatible (12Mbit/s).
Available as 16 channel version with 16 single ended/8 differential inputs or as 8 channel version with 8 single ended/4 differential inputs.
Mixed acquisition of differential and single-ended signals is possible. All versions offer analog inputs and outputs with a resolution of 16 bits. Total sample rate in sum is 2MHz on 16 Channel device, 1MHz on 8 Channel device. Seven input voltage ranges from ±12.28 V to ±0,64V, are separately selecable for each channel. Supply of a DC offset voltage to common is possible for optimal utilization of the converter’s value range. Input protection of the analog inputs: ± 30 V in both on or off state.
4 channel D/A converter, sample rate 10 kHz, 16 bits, output voltage range ±10 V. 4/8 digital inputs with an input voltage of 2.4 to 30 V, synchronous acquisition of the digital inputs with the analog values and counters. External trigger & clock. 2 event counter / 1 rotary counter. 4/8 digital outputs for direct control of the relay up to 60mA per output. The supply voltage of the digital outputs is supplied externally in the range of 3.3 to 30 volts. The device itself is powered over the USB bus.

Product details

MultiChoice USB Basic OEM optocoupled, without case for integration in customer specific measurement solutions, 16 channel 2MHz version with 16 bit resolution for analog acquisition and output, signal terminals over 50 pins pin connector, digital ports: 8 optocoupled inputs (Ue. 2.4 30 Volt) and 8 optocoupled outputs.

Resolution16 Bit
Sample rate (sum)2 MHz 
Voltage range±12.28V; ±10.24V; ±5.12V;±2,56V; ±1,28V; ±0,64V 
Simultanous sampling
Resolution16 Bit
Output rate (sum)10 kHz 
Voltage range±10 V; 
Resolution32 Bit
Basic frequency10 MHz 
Counter versionsimpulse, frequency (resolution: 10Hz), pulse-width, periodic 
Resolution32 Bit Bit
Basic frequency10 MHz 
Counter versions1x, 2x, und 4x programable Interpolation , maximum input-frequency 10MHz 
Digital IO
Dig.-In channels
Dig.-Out channels
Dig.-IO channels
Optocoupledyes (Ue. 2,4 -30 Volt) 
Dimensions160 x 100 x 13 mm 
Connectors50 pin connector for ribbon cable 
RoHS compliantyes
Power supplyPowersupply via USB-bus (260 mA).
Price1.349,00 €

Optional hard and software extensions
Available hard and software extensions.
The extensions can either be ordered included in delivery or at any time later.

Hardware options and extensions Price €
(G0C-30C0-0) Clip for wall mounting of aluminium cases 16,00 
(G0C-30C0-1) Clip for wall mounting of aluminium cases 21,00 

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