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MultiChoice Quattro PCI/16BG09-1005-1 
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Intelligent PCI measurement card with Freescale - signal processor DSP56311 150MHz and up to 1.5 MB SRAM and 24MB DRAM. 32 (optional up to 160) mass referred/ 16 differental input channels. Each card is either with 12 bit AD and DA converters or with 16 bit AD and DA converters available. The sample rate (sum) is up to 500kHz, input voltage 0-10V, ±10V, programmable amplification 1/2/4/8x, with up to 8 channel DA converter, conversion rate 200kHz. Output voltage 0-10V ±10V. 32 (optional up to 256) digital I/O channels, external trigger and clock with up to 5x32 bit 50MHz event (frequency counter resolution: 10Hz), optional: frequency resolution 1/10/100/1000 Hz or cycle duration counter and pulse-width measurement with a resolution of 20/100ns. 2-channel PWM/FM-Ausgabe. Over-voltage online/offline input protection (±40V) for the analogue input channels is optional available. One online function: PID-controller, FIR and IIR filter, online scaling of the measurement-values or online-FFT is included.

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Product details

240x115x13mmMultiChoice QUATTRO PCI, multifunction adapter with dual digital signal processor Freescale DSP56301-80MHz and DSP56311-150MHz, 1,5MB SRAM and 24MB DRAM memory, 32 single ended (16 differential) analog input channels, 16 bit resolution Type AD7665, input range 0-10V or ±10V, 800.000 samples/s, programmable gain 1/2/4/8, 32 bidirectional digital in-/output pins, 4-channel D/A converter, 16 bit resolution, conversion rate 100kHz, output range 0-10V, ±10V, 2x pulse width or frequency modulated digital output, frequency range 7-167.000 Hz, resolution 100ns, 5 counter inputs, impulse counter with maximum 10MHz input frequency or frequency measurement, resolution 10Hz, dimension 240x115x13mm. Including one of the following online functions: PID-controller, FIR- and IIR filter, linearising of the measured values or online-FFT. Please tell us your desired online-function with your order.

Channels32/16 available extension for 64/32 or 160 combined mass-reffered 
Resolution16 Bit
Sample rate (sum)800 kHz 
Voltage range±10 V; ±5 V; ±2,5 V; ±1,25 V; 
Simultanous sampling
Channels4 extension for 16 channels available 
Resolution16 Bit
Output rate (sum)100 kHz 
Voltage range0-10 V; ±10 V; 
Resolution32 Bit
Basic frequency50 MHz 
Counter versionsimpulse counter; Frequency counter with a resolution of 10Hz; optional: Frequency counter with a resolution of 1/10/100/1000Hz, cycle duration and pulse-width measurement with a resolution of 20/100ns 
Bitwidth24 Bit
Resolution100 ns
Basic frequency2 Hz - 2500 kHz 
Digital IO
Dig.-In channels32 
Dig.-Out channels32 
Dig.-IO channels32 
CasePCI - card 
Dimensions240 x 115 x 13 mm 
Connectors2x50 pin SUB-D - connector 
RoHS compliantyes
Price3.248,00 €

Optional hard and software extensions
Available hard and software extensions.
The extensions can either be ordered included in delivery or at any time later.
Hardware options and extensions Price €
(G09-3041-0) 4-channel 12-Bit D/A-converter 149,00 
(G09-3042-0) 4-channel 16-Bit D/A-converter 249,00 
(G09-30D0-0) Over-voltage iput-channel protection ±40 V 199,00 
(G09-3090-0) Counter-upgrade 499,00 
(G09-3093-5) 6-channel 32-Bit Incremental counter-upgrade with timestamp 1299,00 
(G09-3023-0) 8-channel 32-Bit countet-upgrade 1299,00 
(G09-3094-5) 8-channel 32-Bit UP/Down counter 1299,00 
(G09-3095-5) 8-channel PWM-extension 1299,00 
(G09-3010-0) Digitalport-upgrade to 128 Bit 549,00 
(G09-3097-0) 8x relay output 199,00 
(G09-3020-5) Upgrade for 32 differential/64 single ended, mass referred analouge inputs 199,00 
(G09-3025-5) Upgrade for 32 differential/64 single ended, mass referred analouge inputs with ±40V over-voltage protection 349,00 
(G09-3012-0) Upgrade for 128 single ended, mass referred analouge inputs 749,00 
(G09-3014-0) Upgrade for 128 single ended, mass referred analouge inputs, with ±40V over-voltage protection 949,00 
(G09-3041-5) 4-channel 12-Bit U/I-converter 499,00 
(G09-3024-5) 8-channel 16-Bit D/A-converter 699,00 
Software options for real-time signal processing Price €
(G06-4010-0) Realtime FFT 400,00 
(G06-4020-0) Realtime scaling 400,00 
(G06-4030-0) Realtime FIR- and -IIR-filter 400,00 
(G06-4040-0) Realtime PID-controller 400,00 
(G06-4050-0) Onboard function generator 800,00 
(G06-40X0-0) Real time functions, onboard function generator 1600,00 
Cables and connectors Price €
(K00-2011-0) 50 pin round ribbon cable 34,00 
(K06-1012-0) 50 pin connector-panel with cable 97,00 
Connector chassis Price €
(P09-1011-3) (P09-1011-3) Passive BNC-connector chassis 32se. AD, 4 DA 780,00 
(P09-1011-4) (P09-1011-4) Passive BNC-connector chassis 32diff. AD, 4 DA 830,00 
(B09-1011-0) (B09-1011-0) Adapter QUATTRO 32 AD for 5B-Module 82,00 

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