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Welcome at
Goldammer Soft- & Hardware Engineering GmbH
as one of the leading manufacturers of PC measurement hardware, we offer individual solutions for industrial, medical and scientific applications. The variety of the available hard and software components for PCI bus, USB bus and ethernet offers almost unlimited development possibilities of own measuring and control systems. Highly integrated electronic components, based on most modern technologies, guarantee besides measuring modules with high reliability and maximum flexibility.

Soon available:
USB Basic/Ethernet Frontend with ADAS3022 AD-Converter(s) (G0I/GEI)
Systems with this converter allow the processing of input signals in the range of ±640 mV to ±24.576 V with a resolution of 16 bits and a maximum sampling rate of 1 MHz. The available eight channels per transducer can be used with maximum flexibility.

Thus, applications with e.g. 8 ground-related inputs, four differential inputs, or a combination of both can be configured.

  • Adjustable gain for each channel, selection from seven measuring ranges: ± 0.64 V, ± 1.28 V, ± 2.56 V, ± 5.12 V, ± 10.24 V, ± 20.48 V and ± 24.576 V (differential)
  • If required, feeding in an an offset voltage for single-ended measurements is possible. This way a DC offset can be eliminated before the acquisition to make optimum use of the value range of the converter
  • On front ends with ADAS3022 almost every sensor can be directly used
  • Current measurements are also easily realized by shunt resistor

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Datasheet ADAS3022

Autonomous Acquisition Device Series: GEx (Ethernet/USB)
Are you looking for a reliable PC-measuring system, you also can also choose to operate without a PC?

Each of the devices of our new series GEx is a fully autonomous measuring system.

Features are:

  • fast ARM 9 Core CPU
  • 64 MB ​​DDR2 RAM, 64KB cache
  • 256 MB flash memory
  • USB 2.0 (Host Port) for storing data on USB stick or hard drive.
  • Ethernet interface 100 Mbit/s for PC communication, effective data throughput 70 MB/s

The included embedded LINUX system allows control of all card functions via:

  • its built in webserver
  • a scripting environment using the programming language LUA through remote login
  • a controlling PC, with which the device can be connected to either through the USB Device port or Ethernet. In this case you can use it directly in your usual measurement and control application (eg DASYLab, LabVIEW, IPEmotion, ...)

Due to their modular construction similar to our USBBasic series, it is available in almost as many versions:

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Intelligent measurement cards with signal processor. Well suitably for complex measuring and control systems.

USB measurement technologies
Intelligent measurement cards for mobile use of complex measurement systems.

USB-Basic measurement technologies
Small mobile measurement cards. Well suitably for compact mobile systems.

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